Printing Guide

Print Book

Make a hardcover, paperback, coil bound, or saddle stitch book. Create your book using a wide range of paper, color, trim size and binding options. The most common print-on-demand book, perfect for a variety of projects.

Photo Book

Preserve memories or create a lookbook of your work with a hardcover photo book. Featuring the highest quality paper and rich color ink, our photo book products highlight the best of Lulu’s print options.


Create a custom notebook, journal, or planner with our preformatted templates. Or design your own unique notebook for yourself or to sell to your fans.

Wall Calendar

Create a 12 to 18-month wall calendar with our free calendar tool. Upload images and create custom holidays and events to build your calendar or upload an original calendar design.

Comic Book or Graphic Novel

Traditional comic book size with paperback binding or graphic novels. Bring your art to life with printing in black & white or rich color, including on the inside of the cover.


Create beautiful magazines in full color. Features paper stock designed for magazines, paperback binding and printing on the inside covers.


Share your favorite recipes with a cookbook with Lulu’s print-on-demand. High-quality ink and paper options will have your recipes looking as good as they taste!


For schools and institutions, a print-on-demand yearbook means flexibility and customization while saving money. Enjoy the best printing and binding at a fraction of the cost.


Create an ebook from your PDF, DOCX, or EPUB file ready for viewing on an ereader, tablet, or smartphone.

Pocket Book

4.25 x 6.875 in | 108 x 175 mm The smallest Lulu format, used for fiction as well as references and poetry collections.


5 x 8 in | 127 x 203 mm Novella is a standard trade size, best used for fiction, poetry, and other short books.


5.5 x 8.5 in | 140 x 216 mm A smaller trade size, digest is one of the most commonly used sizes for fiction and nonfiction works.


5.83 x 8.27 in | 148 x 210 mm Standard size for international trade paperbacks and hardcovers. Similar to US trade size but slightly smaller.

US Trade

6 x 9 in | 152 x 229 mm The most common size for trade paperbacks and hardcovers, used primarily for fiction but well suited for a variety of book designs.


6.14 x 9.21 in | 156 x 234 mm Royal is slightly larger than US trade, and works well for the same fiction and nonfiction content.


7 x 10 in | 178 x 254 mmExecutive size fits between US trade and US letter and is commonly used for journals and graphic novels.

Comic Book

6.63 x 10.25 in | 168 x 260 mm Traditional size used for comic book printing.

Crown Quarto

7.44 x 9.68 in | 189 x 246 mm Crown quarto provides a wider page than US trade, and is perfect for a book with two-column printing.


8.27 x 11.69 in | 210 x 297 mm A4 is the standard size used for many magazines and catalogs.

US Letter

8.5 x 11 in | 216 x 279 mm Used for hardcover books, manuals, and other large size works, US letter is a great option for image-heavy books.

Small Square

7.5 x 7.5 in | 190 x 190 mm Small square is perfect for image-heavy content, such as a travel book, children’s book, or memory book.


8.5 x 8.5 in | 216 x 216 mm Square format best for accommodating full-bleed images without constraints on landscape or portrait formatting.

Small Landscape

9 x 7 in | 229 x 178 mm Small landscape is ideal for photo books and product guides meant to highlight images and photos.

US Letter Landscape

11 x 8.5 in | 279 x 216 mmUS letter size in landscape format, great for children’s books or photo books.

A4 Landscape

11.69 x 8.27 in | 297 x 210 mmCommon internationally, A4 landscape is perfect for photo books or art books.

Standard Black & White

Standard black & white printing for novels, memoirs, and other text-heavy books.

Premium Black & White

Heavy ink coverage great for books with black & white images, graphs, or other graphics.

Standard Color

If your book is predominantly text but has a few color images, standard color is the right option for you.

Premium Color

The best color printing on every page with rich colors and heavy ink coverage.

60# Cream – Uncoated

Traditional cream paper most frequently used for black & white novels and workbooks.

Premium Black & White

Versatile and economical white paper commonly found in a wide range of books.

80# White – Coated

Ultra-smooth, high opacity bright white paper used for photo books, magazines, and comic books.

100# White – Coated (Calendar Only)

The heaviest available stock, used to create durable, vibrant calendars.

Paperback Perfect Bound

32-800 pages The industry term for traditional paperback binding, perfect bound is the most cost-efficient and popular way to bind on-demand products. Suitable for most projects.

Paperback Coil Bound

2–470 pages A flexible, black plastic coil allows the book to lie flat when open. Coil bound is great for music books, notebooks, agendas, and any other project meant for display.

Paperback Saddle Stitch

4-48 pages Interior pages are folded and inserted between the cover, then stapled along the “spine” edge. Saddle stitch binding is designed for supplementary materials, coloring books, magazines, comic books, and other smaller projects.

Hardcover Casewrap

24-800 pages Traditional hardcover binding with the cover image printed on the cover. Casewrap binding is most often used for textbooks and hardcover portfolios.

Paperback Coil Bound

24-800 pages Hardcover book with linen wrap on the cover, foil stamping on the spine, and a glossy or matte finished printed dust jacket with flaps. Commonly used for first edition fiction, memoirs, and gift books.

Paperback Saddle Stitch

24-36 pages The Wire-O binding is used exclusively for calendars to create a durable calendar that can easily be flipped without scratching or twisting.


Stiff cover stock with a glossy coating finish. Glossy covers withstand wear and tear well while emphasizing the cover imagery. Glossy finish is commonly used for gifts, textbooks, and art books, but is appropriate for a variety of projects.


Featuring a velvety, tactile finish with a more subdued appearance, matte finish gives your cover a natural look. Used most often with novels and notebooks, matte finish withstands scratches and wear better than any other cover finish.

Linen is a cotton-poly blend, with a protective acrylic coating that is wrapped around the cover boards of your book.
Text is foil stamped on the spine of your book cover.


Black, Gold or White Foil Stamp


Black, Gold or White Foil Stamp


Black, Gold or White Foil Stamp


Black, Gold or White Foil Stamp


Black, Gold or White Foil Stamp


Black, Gold or White Foil Stamp


Create your ebook using our Word DOCX to EPUB converter or bring your own EPUB.


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